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Our Team

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TD Newkirk

Is the Founder and General Overseer of Centrifuge Church. He has been eager to see the prophetic ministry restored back to prominence and integrity in the body of Christ. He believes that the last and greatest revival the world has ever seen will be that of the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit. 

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Anselita Newkirk

Is the wife of Pastor TD Newkirk, mother to Joshua and Harrison, and First Lady of Centrifuge Church. She has a passion to encourage, motivate, and teach young women how to live as Godly women whether single or married. 

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Capresha Caldwell

Is a minister, professional, attorney, and life coach. She serves as the Executive Associate Pastor at Centrifuge. She is always focused on moving forward and never giving up. Never backing down from challenges, Capresha has a strong gift in the prophetic to steer God's people to their life calling. 

Jesse Biggs (2).jpg

Elder Jesse Biggs

Is a licensed minister and leader of the faith. His knowledge of the apostolic and prophetic is unquestionable. Hearing the voice of God to move to North Carolina from Chicago, he followed the paths of Abraham to inherit a spiritual landmark. Not a physical territory, but a city that can not be made with hands. 


Caroline Hicks

Is a licensed minister and dynamic woman of God. She serves as our Member's Care coordinator. Minister Hicks believes that God can touch you anywhere you hurt and that there is no time and distance when it comes to deliverance and restoration. 


Vernita  Stevens

Is our Missions/Outreach Coordinator, mother, retired US Marine, and holds a Masters in Human Relations. In a world that is constantly changing, she is fueled by her lived experiences, and as a lifelong learner, she combines military strategy, discipline, and determination to be a part of the change.

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Shameika Stokes

Is our church administrator and holds a doctorate in social work. As a licensed social worker and professor, she knows what the grace of God provides to complete your assignment in Him. It is in Him that will live, move, and have our very being.  

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