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Social Distance 

1. Social distancing will be encouraged.

2. Please know that all facilities to be used have been thoroughly cleaned and prepared for our coming together.

3. Please remain at home and continue to enjoy the service via live streaming from our Facebook channel or video on YouTube if any of the following apply to you:

            a. Underlying health conditions or compromised immune system

            b. Symptoms of illness in you or members of your household

            c. Hesitancy because of your age

            d. Concern about environmental Issues, contact with other people, or any other reason that makes you uncomfortable

            e. Anything that makes you feel reluctant at this time

4. Doors will open at 9 AM. The ushers will seat you. Please wait to be seated.

5. Families will sit together and the next person or family will be seated approximately 2 seats away.

6. We encourage everyone to refrain from hugging, handshaking or other means of  close contact in the building.

7. Members are free to wear masks and/or gloves if they desire. Please respect the choices of your brothers and sisters.

8. We regret that the following ministry will not be operating this Sunday: Children's          church

9. Please place your offering envelope in the basket on the table at the back of the            sanctuary.


As things open up more, we look forward to a full celebration without restrictions. As we shout - HALLELUJAH!

Catch Pastor Travis Newkirk every Friday at 5:30am on Praise 100.9

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